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Consulting Services

If your business or organization has a need for a Registered Dietitian in an independent contractor role, please call to discuss the details and the associated fees.

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Public speaking engagements for groups
Individual counseling for corporate wellness programs
Individual counseling for clinical research studies
In-office consultations with patients in physician offices

Group Presentations

If you feel that your group members could benefit from health education and a question and answer session with a Registered Dietitian, then this is the perfect opportunity.

Lively and interactive group presentations provide health management core knowledge that is mutually beneficial to everyone in attendance.

Group Presentation Fees

  1 hour on-site presentation = $250
Fee covers 1 hour presentation, materials provided for up to 10 participants, and commute to/from to your site.

$100 for each subsequent hour; can be supplemented in half hour increments. Additional time is suggested to enhance the interactive experience and allow for an in depth question and answer opportunity.
*The rate for the first hour is based on a maximum of a 60 mile ROUND TRIP radius from R.D. to GO's business address.

*Locations in excess of this 60 mile radius will incur additional mileage fees at the IRS approved rate of $.55/mile, to be added to the cumulative presentation cost.

*The material fees for groups of up to 10 people are in inclusive of the above stated fee; the material fee for all groups in excess of 10 attendees is an additional $2.00 per person for every additional person, to be added to the cumulative presentation cost.
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